Founded in 1997, San Diego Hua Xia Chinese School (SDHXCS) is a non-profit, non- religious, and non- political educational organization with 501(c)(3) status.  The school is the first local Chinese language school that teaches simplified Chinese and Pinyin (Chinese phonetic). 

          Our mission is to provide a nurturing and stimulating learning environment for students to acquire skills of comprehension, communication, reading and writing in Mandarin Chinese,to instill an awareness of the Chinese heritage, creating programs to introduce Chinese culture to the community, and to promote mutual understanding between different ethnic groups. 

          Our school grow rapidly since very beginning. With enrollment over 1,100 each school year, SDHXCS has become the largest Chinese language educational organization in San Diego.  Five programs (Bilingual, Regular, Credit, AP Chinese, and Enrichment) offer 60 Chinese classes and over 30 enrichment classes to meet the needs of our students with different levels of proficiency and interests.

          In 2003, SDHXCS's Credit Program (Level I through Level IV) was born. The program is widely accredited by local school districts. In 2006, AP Chinese course was added. The course is approved by and registered with College Board.


 SDHXCS is your best choice to learn Chinese language and culture !


Join us today!


 华夏特别新闻  Special Events & News

2020-05-26 2019-20学年圣地亚哥华夏中文学校AP班云毕业典礼圆满落幕

2020-05-18 2019-20学年圣地亚哥华夏中文学校学分班优秀学生光荣榜

2020-05-11 让孩子们真诚的呼吁走进你我心中

2020-04-17 光荣榜:华夏普通班朗诵比赛及学分班演讲比赛获奖名单

2018-11-08 全美中文学校协会季度通讯2018 第四期总第八十六期

2019-01-03 全美中文学校协会第十二届全国代表大会隆重召开,邢彬当选为第十三届会长

2018-11-08 全美中文学校协会季度通讯2018 第三期总第八十五期

2018-07-15 全美中文学校协会季度通讯2018 第二期总第八十四期

2018-06-13 开启金色人生 --记华夏学分CR4-1班

2018-04-30 全美中文学校协会季度通讯2018 第一期总第八十三期

2018-01-20 全美中文学校协会(CSAUS)夏令营预报名开始申请步骤  常见问题解答




Weekly Reminder 2014-04-27
This is week 27th, two more weeks to go before closing for year 2013-2014!
1) Online registration / enrollment for 2014-2015 continues. Please note, the deadline for existing SDHXCS students is May 11. After that, new student policy apply. It'd be great help if all classes can submit on May 5.
     Passcode:  2014Enrollment@HuaXia (upper case sensitive)
2) Credit Program parent service deposit refund continues in front of the office. 10am-12noon1:30pm-2:30pm.
    Don't be late!
3) Visa service on next week, May 410am-2pm, in the office. Passport return May 18, 12:00-12:30pm, sharp, by the office. .
4) Credit Program placement test for new student (not currently enrolled at SDHXC) is on May 4, 1:00pm-2:00pm, at Room I-101A. Please be on time. The receipt from the registration is a must for non existing SDHXCS students to take the test. For existing Hua Xia students, a teacher's email notice to the Admin is a must.
5) Applying for college and financial aid? Wish to understand how SCA5 affects Asian students? Join us at this seminar by Dr. Liang and Dr. Hsiao, next Sunday, May 4, 1:30pm - 3:30pm, at PTA room. Details are in here. (EdExpo)
6) Congratulations to Li Xin Laoshi and her students of the sketch class!  Last week's show was a big success! If you missed it, you can now view it on school website, under Gallery.
7) Lost & Found: 3 small boy's jacket/sweater are waiting for their owners! Please come and pick it up in the office. Or, they will go to donation after May 11.
8) SDHXCS Promotion/Graduation Ceremony will be held on May 18, 2pm-5pm, at the Performing Art Center of Mt. Carmel High School, continued by a dance performance of Liu Laoshi Dance class, 5pm-7pm.  Please come and cheer for your students and friends!
7) BoHua Concert (Chinese instrument) ticket is for sale right now, $15! Performance dates: Saturday 6/7 and Sunday 6/8. For details, click this link:
8) SDCAAF progress report. (SD City Council, Prof. R. Sander Logistics Meeting Memo)
9) Student store will be on the last school day, May 11. Please remember to bring your hard earned coupons.
Weekly Reminder 2014-05-04
This is the second to the last week of year 2013-2014. One more week to go!
1) Credit Program Placement test for non existing SDHXCS students this Sunday, May 4.
     Time: 1:00-2:00pm
     Location:   I-101A.
    This is for incoming students who are entering 7th grade or higher at their regular school, and are interested in
    taking SDHXCS Chinese course for credit.
    Must provide a receipt of enrollment for year 2014-2015.
     Students need to provide following information on the test sheet:
            - your home phone number (required for everyone).
            - your parent's email address (required for everyone).
            - the school you are going to attend in the Fall of 2014, and the district it belongs to (required for everyone).
            - the grade level you will enter in the Fall of 2014 at your regular school (required for everyone).
    Every year, we have about 180 students taking the test. It would be great help if we can contact you afterwards.

2) Visa service this week, 10am - 2pm.  Passport returns on 5/18, 12:00 - 12:30 sharp by the office!
    Mark your calendar, June 1 will be the last service day before summer break. 
3) Got children applying for college? Do you know how SCA5 affects Asian students? Come to this Sunday seminar hosted by Dr. Liang and Dr. Hsiao, 1:30-3:30 at PTA room. (EdExpo)
4) Credit Program Parent service deposit refund continues. Time: 10am-12noon1:30pm-2:30pmDO NOT BE LATE!
5)  Registration continuesDeadline is 2:00pm on 5/11.
6)  Graduation/Promotion Ceremony 
       Date:        May 18.
        Time:        2:00 - 5:00pm (Followed by Dance Performance of Liu Laoshi class)
        Location:  Performing Art Center
                        Mt. Carmel High School
                        9550 Carmel Mountain Road
                        San Diego, 92129
    Program Highlight:  AP graduation, Award presentation (Speech / Reading contest, Outstanding Student), Student performance.
    Students and parents, come and cheer for your friends or your children!
7) Student store is next Sunday, 5/11. Remember to bring your hard earned coupons.
8) BoHua Chinese Instrument Concert ticket is for sale now! $15 each.   Performance day: Saturday 6/7, and     Sunday 6/8. To order yours before it's gone, click here,
9) SDAAFE reports on UCLA lawsuitSchool District and City Council Intro.


Weekly Reminder 2014-09-04
Welcome Back to San Diego Hua Xia Chinese School!
To new students and parents, Welcome on board!
By Now, most students and parents should have received a welcome letter from your new teachers, informing you the grade level, class ID, classroom number and class schedules. If you haven't received any information, please contact us immediately by emailing to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  , and visit our office (F-212) on Sunday before class time.
If you just registered and mailed tuition this week, most likely you have not been assigned to a class yet. Please visit Enrollment desk in the office.
If you haven't registered your student, we strongly recommend that you do it at home to avoid long waiting line in the office.
Safety. Opening day is always busy and exciting. Safety is our #1 issue. Please arrive a little earlier than normal days, drive slowly on campus (15mph or less), and pay close attention to the pedestrians.
Finding your classroom. If you are not familiar with the campus, there will be parent patrols at these places to direct you:  a) the path between H and I Building;  b) S5 building;  c) Office F-212.  Each of these spots has a student list providing names, grade level and classroom number. 
H and I building face directly to the entrance by Black Mountain Road. To S5 building, you may enter the campus from Westview Road by Home Depot shopping center. Construction blockage may be posted in this area.
Classroom assignment. As usual, majority of Regular Program classes reside in H building, majority of Credit Program classes are in S5 building. The 2nd floor of I building is for CR2-5, CR3-3 and CR3-5, and the 1st floor is for CH1-1, CH1-3, and BL4-1.
Parking. Student Parking Lot #1 and #2 by Black Mountain Road entrance are the primary parking areas for Hua Xia parents. For S5 building, parking space is very limited unfortunately. Be courteous to others as you would like others to you. Pull forward as much as you can to drop off, and leave as quickly as possible to reduce traffic jam.
Please Do Not park in the small parking lot in front of the office for however quick is of your stop. Do Not park in the handicap slots without a legal permit. Absolutely No Parking on the road side. Campus Police can issue violation tickets just as anywhere else.
Mandatory parent meeting in each classroom at the beginning of the 1st period. It is the time to meet the teachers of your student, to understand all regulations, and to submit required paper works if any. It is also very important for parents to volunteer in your students' class.
Enrichment class begins in the 2nd week, Sept. 14. Course schedule is available on school website. Each class may have limited seats, and it is first come first served. The first 2 lessons (9/14, 9/21) are considered "trial" class. Tuition must be submitted on 9/28, and no refund or prorate from that point. Change of class is not permitted.
Please remember to pick up your students right after Chinese class this Sunday! 
Textbook. Most students purchase their textbooks in the classroom. For those last minute registered, you may purchase yours in the office.
Visa service. If you used our service on 8/24, please pick up your passport in the office ON TIME. Next visa service day is on
October 5.
I'm looking forward to another wonderful year!
Cheers, and Have a nice day!
Xing Bin

Weekly Reminder 2014-05-15
We have just made a difficult decision, that this Sunday's Graduation/Promotion Ceremony be cancelled, due to the current fire situation, and unavailability of the facility. As an alternative, all Award Winners may pick up their trophies, certificates, and souvenirs in the office on August 24, between 10am to 2pm. If you absolutely can not make it on August 24, there will be one last chance after new school year starts. The Admin will make an announcement by then. 
We truly appreciate your understanding and continuous support.

1) Online registration continues.  Mail the payment or pay it in the office on June 1 and August 2410am - 2pm.
    ( Attention: Do Not mail anything to Miramar College)
2) Visa service on June 1 and August 2410am - 2pm.
3) BoHua Concert (Chinese instrument) ticket is for sale $15. Performance dates: Saturday June 7, and Sunday June 8. For details, click here:
4) Poll Workers are needed, with pay. (Registrar of Voters)
5) SDAAFE report.
Stay cool,  enjoy your summer vacation!  I shall see you all in September!
Cheers for SDHXCS!
Weekly Reminder 2014-09-11
Dear Hua Xia Families,
Last Sunday was such a buzzeling day. I'm glad to see so many smiling faces, hearing exchange of greetings, and wishes for Moon Festival. Thanks to all parents who made sure their students arrive on time and prepared. It does require some effort to get everybody in gear on Sundays, especially after a long summer vacation.
A few things need your attention:
1) NO Food Policy should be carried out seriously. College facility manager was on site, and noticed that there are food in the hallway and on the classroom floor.   
    Teachers, please remind your students to clean up after themselves.
2) Enrichment class begins this Sunday, 9/14. Click here for course schedule, course description and classroom assignment:
    Enrichment class policy is listed in Regular Program Registration Notice, and stated in the course schedule.
3)  Scholarship for high school seniors! San Diego Chinese Center is offering it's 4th annual scholarship to all local high school seniors. $500 one-time award! Application is attached.
      Previous winners of this scholarship includes Hua Xia students Mimi Yao and Alwin Hui. You could be the next!
4) Contest on the Chinese Culture Knowledge, 10/12. This is the first time we participate in the event. Hua Xia students, you are the best! Show your knowledge and be awarded! Opportunity to represent US team!
All local Chinese schools students are invited too. Seats are limited. First come first served. Reserve yours now!! 
Thanks to those already registered within the first hour and the first day after the announcement posted.
5) Community event
       - Bo Hua Youth Concert9/20, Saturday.  Free!
       - Chinese Culture Night at PETCO Park, 9/20, featuring 2008 Olympics basketball champion, Jiang Shan.
       -Taste of Asia organized by House of China, 9/27 and 9/28, at Balboa Park.
Thank you, and see you all on Sunday!
Xing Bin

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