Weekly Reminder 2013-11-30
School resumes this coming Sunday, December 1.
This week we will have Visa service in the office, F-212, from 10am to 2pm.
Weekly Reminder 2013-12-15
Jingo Bell, Jingo Bell, Jingo All the Way! Ho Ho 
Christmas is arriving! I'm sure that everyone is looking forward to this biggest time of the year. This week is the last week before winter break. School will recess for weeks of  12/22 to 12/29, and resume on January 5.
1) Class party. Thanks to our room parents and teachers, many classes plan to have a party this Sunday. I'd like to remind everyone about classroom cleaning and tidying afterward. All trash from party must be taken out of the rooms. No stain left on the floor or any surface. Clorox wipes, plastic table cloth, broom/vacuum are something you may want to bring.    
2) Dragon teamWe are in need parents to join this fun filled game! No experience needed. Just your enthusiasm! You will love it once you are involved. This is an opportunity that you can show your children to appreciate Chinese culture. Your support is the key to the success of SDHXCS.
We hope practice can start after New Year, and the team has at least couple of practices before our CNY festival on 2/9.
To sign up, please contact the team leader Angie at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
3) Do you know that, like Hua Xia Dragon Dance Team, our Drum team 腰鼓队 is also the only such kind in town? We are very proud of our tradition and teams, and hope you can help to keep it for our children.  Big "Thank You" to those newly signed up parents and students! We welcome more students and parents to join this unique Chinese fold art.
The team plans to start practice on 1/5.
To sign up, please contact the team leader Yanping at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
4) PTA will host a college financial planning seminar on January 12, 1:30-3:30pm, at the PTA room (F-209). The speakers are Attorney Allen Leung and Winnie Shiao who had the same workshop at Hua Xia couple of years ago. Mark your calendar if you are interested. One session only.
5) PTA plan to host a cooking contest after holiday. Keep tuned.
6) <We Chinese in America> magazine will be delivered to PTA room. You are welcome to stop by and pick up a copy. Or, more convenient, you can enjoy it online:
7) Hua Xia Chinese New Year Festival will be held on February 9. Similar activities like last year but improved. Please contact your room parents/teachers for details, join your class team, or host a booth to have fun and raise fund for your class.
8) Passport pick up is on this Sunday at 12:00 noon. Please make sure you get there on time.
Happy Holiday!


Weekly Reminder 2014-01-17
We are getting into the 2nd week of the second semester! Several things I'd like to get your attention. 
1) Hua Xia Chinese New Year Festival is only 3 weeks away! Room parents and school management are busy preparing for the event. However, we are still in need of dragon players (10 more),and referees (5 more). Parents, your support to this once a year event is the key to success.
2) If you haven't got a chance to sign up for the games on CNY, please do so ASAP with your room parents. It will be a fun day!
3) CNY Festival is a no-cash event. Raffle tickets are used for food and merchandise.  Raffle tickets presale will be in the office starting this week,  $0.50 each, 10% discount if you purchase $20 or more, i.e. you get an extra $2 worth of tickets (4) when you buy $20, plus a chance to win prizes!
4) PTA Baking Contest is set on 1/26. Details included in the flier attached. Please sign up and show off your delicious baking product! and vote to win a prize!
5) Couple of unpleasant things happened last week. H and I building were trashed by our students with wet toilette paper balls, and food crumb. Someone littered the parking lot behind S5 building, with sunflower seeds. A very disturbing scene to me and many parents! 
I would like to call all teachers/parents attention again: No food and drink in the classrooms, except bottled water.
I would also like to reinforce parents duty: When you are on duty, your job is to keep all such unwanted behaviors from happening. Any student who don't follow rules or don't obey instructions of the parents-on-duty will be held responsible for damages and cleaning ups.
6) Passport return is this Sunday, 12 noon, in the office.
7) <<We Chinese Youth>> magazine kindly asks our students to send in their best essays and stories for publication.
Weekly Reminder 2014-01-05
School resumes this Sunday, January 5.  School calendar is attached for your convenience.
1) Drum team 腰鼓队 begins practice this Sunday, 12:00 - 1:30pm. Please come to the office to get your drum. If you haven't signed up, please contact  Yanping at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
2) Visa service this Sunday at 10am - 2pm in the office.
3) College financial Aid seminar by Dr. Leung, next Sunday, January 12, at 1:30-3:30pm, at PTA room (F-209). One session only. Do not miss it! 
4) PTA bakery contest on January 26. Award! Certificate! News! All parents are welcome! Come to the tasty contest, and help to select the winners. Details will come with the flier in next email.
5) Flu has been around recently. If you are sick, please notify your teachers and stay at home till you are over it.
Weekly Reminder 2014-01-26
We are only 2 weeks away from our annual Chinese New Year Festival!  If you haven't sign up for games, please do it today. Your class Tug-of-War team and Hurdle Race need your support ! You don't want to miss all the fun!
1) PTA Baking Contest this Sunday! Parents, it's time to show off your talent and share with others. Come and taste and vote for the best! You may be shy this time but you will be the winner next time!  See attached flier for details.
2) 2014 College Financial Aid webinar schedule - by Michael Chen. 

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