AP Chinese (Course Description)  (Credit Program Course Titles & Codes)

The AP Chinese course prepares students to demonstrate their level of Chinese proficiency across three communication modes (interpersonal, interpretive, presentational) and five goal areas (communications, cultures, connection, comparison, communities).

To reach advanced level in the four skills according to the ACTFL proficiency scale:

ListeningAble to understand main ideas and most details of connected discourse on a variety of topics beyond immediacy of the situation, including some topics where comprehension is complicated due to an unexpected sequence of events.

SpeakingAble to converse in a clearly participatory fashion; initiate, sustain, and bring to closure a wide variety of communicative tasks, including those that require an increased ability to convey meaning with diverse language strategies due to a complication or an unforeseen turn of events; satisfy the requirements of school and work situations; and narrate and describe with paragraph-length connected discourse.

Reading: Able to comprehend main ideas and facts connected descriptive or narrative prose, such as news items, short stories, personal correspondence and simple technical material written for the general reader.

Writing/Typing(Superior level) Able to write routine social correspondence, cohesive summaries and resumes, as well as narratives and descriptions of a factual nature. Able to write short research papers and statements of position in areas of special interest or in special fields. 


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