Discover our new Kindergarten Excellence (for students aged 4.5-5.5)

Prepare your child for academic success and cultural enrichment in our new Chinese K program. The comprehensive curriculum combines language development, cognitive skills, and cultural exploration to foster a lifelong love of Chinese learning.

1. Expert Instructor: The teacher specializes in early childhood education, piano, and Chinese language instruction. With passion and dedication, the teacher provides a nurturing environment where every child can thrive.

2. Engaging Curriculum: Our curriculum is designed to make learning fun and meaningful. Children develop language skills through hands-on activities, games, songs, nursery rhythms, and stories while exploring Chinese culture and traditions.

3. Holistic Approach: We believe in nurturing the whole child. Our program focuses on academic readiness and promotes social-emotional development, creativity, and critical thinking skills.

4. Small Class Sizes: We maintain small class sizes to ensure personalized attention for individual students. This allows the teacher to tailor instruction to meet every child's unique needs and interests.


Teaching Content:

Language Development: Our K curriculum introduces fundamental Chinese vocabulary and phrases through immersive language experiences. Children learn to communicate in Mandarin through active interactions and fun activities.

Literacy Skills: We lay the foundation for literacy by introducing Chinese characters and phonics in a playful and interactive manner. Children begin recognizing, tracing, and writing basic characters while developing pre-reading skills.

Mathematics: Our math activities focus on building number sense, spatial awareness, and problem-solving abilities. Children develop mathematical concepts such as counting, sorting, and patterning through hands-on exploration and games.

Discovery: We spark curiosity and wonder through nature exploration, sensory activities, and hands-on crafts. Children learn about the world around them, such as the four seasons, trees, and animals, develop scientific inquiry skills, and cultivate a sense of wonder and curiosity.

Arts and Creativity: We encourage self-expression and creativity through music, movement, and dance. Children engage in various artistic experiences, develop fine motor skills, and express themselves through different mediums.


Enroll and Watch Your Child Thrive!

Give your child the gift of a quality K education and set them on the path to success. Join our K class and embark on a learning, growth, and discovery journey, especially in Chinese.


For enrollment inquiries and more information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details.

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