2022-23 Enrichment Program (Schedule)




San Diego HuaXia Chinese School 2022-2023 Enrichment Class Schedule
 (08/21/2022-05/21/2023 total of 31 weeks. Please refer to school calendar for school days.)
Morning    11:30AM--12:30PM unless specified     Afternoon    3:30PM--4:30PM unless specified
# Class Room Morning Class Teacher's Name Tuition Note Max # # Class Room Afternoon Class Teacher's Name Tuition Note Max #
H-103 Media Computing with Python Cao, Paul $660/year 9+ yrs              11:30-1:00   15     H-103  Media Computing with Python  Cao, Paul  $660/yr  9+ yrs 1:30-3:00   15  
English, Math
H-106  Junior Speech & Debate  小学生演讲与辩论 Cogito Debate $860/yr Grade 3-5   11:30-1:00   15   H-106  Mid Parli Debate  初中生演讲与辩论 Cogito Debate $995/year Grade 6-8   1:30-3:00   15
H-201  English Writing 英文写作 Leuning, Grant $390/yr 8+ yrs 15    
Performing Art
H-205  Intermediate Vocal 声乐 Feng, Wei $390/year 6+ yrs    20   H-103  Theater & Recitation     华夏小剧场&朗诵 Zhang, Yina $390/year 6+ yrs  20
I-108 Chinese Folk Dance中国民族舞蹈 Liu, XingJian $390/yr 6+ yrs    12:00-1:00 20              
I-108 Adult Latin Dance Aerobic 家长健身操 - for parents Wu, Shelley  $195/yr 9:40-10:15 25      J-205 Adult Yoga Sculpt 健美塑性瑜伽 - for parents   Chen, Lu  $390/year  12:05-12:55 25 
I-108  Adult Yoga  家长瑜伽班  - for parents Wu, Shelley  $295/yr 10:15--11:10 25              
 H-204 Chess - Beginner and Advanced  国际象棋 Amodeo, Mario (Certified)  $450/year 6+ yrs         11:30-12:20  20              
Tennis Court  Tennis 网球 Cheng, David  $390/yr  8+ yrs 20            
Visual Art
H-107  Intermediate Drawing 中级绘画, 素描 Chen, Weixing $390/yr 8+ yrs 15   H-107  Intermediate Drawing    中级绘画, 素描 Chen, Weixing $390/year 8+ yrs 15
              H-204  Happy Do Arts - Manga & Clay    创意动漫及软陶 Sun, Stancy $390/year 6+ yrs 12


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 Enrichment Course Videos


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Chinese Folk Dance


Yoga Sculpt 健美塑性瑜伽

Chess Beginner & Advanced

Adult Yoga


Intermediate Vocal

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