2018-19 Enrichment Program (Schedule)




Participants must register before 9/16. No refund or change of class after 1st class meet begins. No prorate or trial class. Please read course descriptions and check course videos on school website before registering.


San Diego HuaXia Chinese School 2018-2019 Enrichment Class Schedule
 (09/16/2018-05/19/2019 total of 29 weeks. No class on Chinese New Year Festival day. Refer to school calendar)
Morning    11:30AM--12:30PM unless specified   Afternoon    3:30PM--4:30PM unless specified
# Class Room Morning Class Teacher's Name Tuition Note Max #   Class Room Afternoon Class Teacher's Name Tuition Note Max #
1 H-208 Everyday Chemistry Yu, Austin $275/year 10+ 20              
2 H-108 Learning Java with Alice 3 (电脑编程启蒙班 Fall) & Java A ( Spring) inGenius Staff $450/year 9 yrs+              11:30-1:00   15              
3 H-103 Scratch Programming         ( Falland Lego Robotic Programming (Spring) inGenius Staff $325/year 7 yrs+              11:30-1:00   15   H-103 Media Computing with Python CS4FUN $500/yr +$50 (material) 11 yrs+  3:30-5:00   15
4 H-205 USA Computing Olympiad Workshop inGenius Staff $550/year Java A&B required      11:30-1:00  15              
English, Math, SAT 
5 H-201 English Writing 英文写作 Houle, Tina $275/yr 5-6 graders 20            
6 H-204 SAT Prep IvyMax $1200/15weeks+15hr online 11:30-1:00 Prep for December Test  (grade 9-11)     H-204 Writing for Publication (Intermediat, in class; Advanced, online) IvyMax $649/15weeks+15hr online 3:30-5:00 (grade 7-10)  
Performing Art
7 H-104 Recitation 朗诵表演 Bai, Yanping $275/year 5+ 25              
8 J-224 Chinese Folk Dance Liu, XingJian $275/year 6yrs    20   J-224 Chinese Folk Dance Liu, XingJian $275/year 6yrs+  20
9 J-224 Chinese Folk Dance Liu, XingJian $275/year 8yrs+                 12:30-1:20  20              
10 H-207 Intermediate Vocal 声乐* Feng, Wei $275/year 6 yrs + 20              
11 J-224 Adult Latin Dance Aerobic - for parents Wu, Shelley  $120/year 9:40-10:15     J-205 Kung Fu- Beginner&Intermediate Huang, Qin $275/year 5 yrs+ 15
12 J-224 Adult Yoga  瑜伽  - for parents Wu, Shelley  $220/year 10:15--11:10                
13 H-105 Novice & Beginner Chess Class  初级象棋 Amodeo, Mario (Certified)  $350/year 11:30-12:20  16              
14 H-105 Intermediate & Advance Chess Class 中高级象棋 Amodeo, Mario (Certified)  $350/year 12:25-1:20  Beginner Skill Required 18            
15 Tennis court Tennis 网球  Cheng, David  $275/year 6 yrs+  15              
16 Grass Field  Beginning Volleyball Yao, Hang $275/year 6 yrs+  20              
Visual Art
17 H-107 Beginner's Drawing Ma, Lin $275/year 8 yrs +  15              
18 H-203 Intermediate Drawing 中级绘画 Chen, Weixing $275/year 8 yrs+ 15              
19 H-102 Graphic Design 平面设计 Bao, Danni $275/year 6 yrs+ 20   H-102 Graphic Design 平面设 Bao, Danni $275/year 6 yrs+ 20


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    Beginner's Drawing

    Chinese Folk Dance

    English Writing

    Intermediate & Advanced Chess

    Intermediate Drawing

    Adult Yoga

    SAT Prep

    Intermediate Vocal

    Java I

    Novice & Beginner Chess

    Graphic Design

    Beginning Volleyball

    Chess Coach Mario Amodeo

    Stage Performance

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